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Simple, modern IT: Shouldn’t it be easy?

A modern IT infrastructure is simple, scalable and affordable. And that's what we show with the Micro Datacenter-in-a-Box. Easy Does IT: one microdata center with all the technologies you need, such as virtualisation and edge computing. An IT infrastructure that is reliable and modern, but in a simple, scalable and affordable way: 'in-a-Box'.

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  • Simple

    No longer put off making innovations. Exchange your complex and risk prone legacy system for a single, complete system that is as easy to use and it is reliable. The Micro Data Center-in-a-Box is easy to manage and makes virtualization and edge computing accessible even to a novice user.   This solution was designed to free up more time and budget for the IT system manager, so that they can focus on innovation. What makes the Micro Data Center-in-a-Box so simple:

    • Easy to manage
    • On-premises storage for edge computing
    • High availability due to the virtualization platform

  • Scalable

    Scaling out is easy with the Micro Data Center-in-a-Box. Do you need more capacity? Just add additional cluster nodes or, when necessary, add an additional micro data center. The beauty of this solution is that when your organization has smaller branch offices, you can also opt to position the micro data center at that location. This means that you also have the possibility at smaller locations to process data locally. Furthermore, scaling out can be done quickly and seamlessly, with no downtime.

  • Affordable

    Have you ever assessed how much of your budget is spent on your IT infrastructure? With all the various supplier contracts that you have, you must have occasionally considered that things could be simpler with regard to your infrastructure, and that's correct. With the 'Micro Data Center-in-a-Box' you have both the virtualization platform that you need to modernize for the future, and edge computing to utilize IoT and big data, including all the licenses that you need.

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René Schoone

CEO Floricultura

""The ‘Micro Data Center-in-a-Box’ has helped us to substantially reduce our IT costs and improve performance and efficiency. We store vast amounts of data, and it is of vital importance that our various locations can work independently of our primary data center. The platform is simple in terms of system management and offers scalable support for the growth of our business. This assures us that we can continue to satisfy our IT requirements not only now, but also in the future.""
Wouter Lustig

IT Manager at Telford Offshore

""We knew that we had need of a hyperconverged solution because it combines everything in an easy to manage, efficient and cost effective total solution. After evaluating Nutanix, HPE Simplivity and Scale Computing it turned out that the HC3 platform did exactly what was needed, it is a complete, affordable and easy to manage 'data center in a box'.""
Manager Infrastructure Engineering and Technology Innovation

Ahold Delhaize

""The hyperconverged solution for retail, based on Scale HC3 and Lenovo, surpasses the competition in purchase and operational costs and simplicity.""


The Micro Datacenter-in-a-Box is the result of a unique collaboration between technology partners.



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